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NONK-3 / NOA-12

A Phase I/II, Randomized, Open-label, Multi-centre Study of BIBF1120 + Reirradiation (R-RT) Versus Reirradiation in the Treatment of Patients With First or Second Progression of Glioblastoma

Inclusion Criteria

  • Male and female patients with a recurrence / progression of glioblastoma either not being eligible for tumour resection or having macroscopic residual tumour after resection of the recurrence
  • Diagnosis of glioblastoma must be proven histologically and progress must be documented by MRI. MRI images must not be older than 2 weeks before first dosing/start of RT
  • Not more than two prior therapy regimens including one or two resections, one or two chemotherapies (one temozolomide containing concomitant to radiotherapy) and one radiotherapy (RT) for the brain tumour
  • Previous irradiation therapy of the primary tumour with a maximal dose of 60 Gy; at least 8 months since the end of preirradiation
  • Candidate for reirradiation with recurrent tumour visible on MRIT1 (Gd) and with the largest diameter measuring 1 cm to 5 cm
  • Informed consent
  • Age ≥ 18 years, smoking or non-smoking, of any ethnic origin
  • Karnofsky performance index (KPI) ≥ 60%
  • Neutrophile counts > 1500/μl / Platelet counts > 80.000/μl /Haemoglobin > 10 g/dl / Serum creatinine < 1.5-fold upper normal range / Bilirubin, AST or ALT < 2,5-fold upper normal range unless attributed to anticonvulsants / Alkaline phosphatase < 2,5-fold upper normal range
  • Adequate contraception
  • If on steroids, stable or decreasing treatment with steroids within 5 days before treatment start

Exclusion Criteria

  • More than one RT of brain, prior first radiotherapy with more than 60 Gy
  • Cumulative total dose on the optical chiasm >54 Gy for 2 Gy/fraction, α/β=2
  • Prior treatment with bevacizumab, iodine seeds and/or brachytherapy
  • Unable to undergo MRI
  • Past medical history of diseases with poor prognosis according to the judgement of the Investigator, e.g. severe coronary heart disease, severe diabetes, immune deficiency, residual deficits after stroke, severe mental retardation
  • HIV or hepatitis infection
  • Pregnancy or breast feeding
  • Treatment within any other clinical trial parallel to the treatment phase of the current study or within 30 days before inclusion
  • Known coronary artery disease, significant cardiac arrhythmias or severe congestive heart failure (NYHA class III - IV)

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03.01.2020: Stellenanzeige: Für Behandlungen an unserem neuen GAMMA KNIFE suchen wir Sie als MTRA / Radiation Therapist (EUR) mit Leitungsfunktion (m/w/d) sowie OTA / ATA oder Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger OP (m/w/d).

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 02.12.2019: Stellenanzeige: Werden Sie Teil unseres erfolgreichen Teams als MTRA (w/m/d):
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04.11.2019: Unser Team auf der diesjährigen Degro 2019 in Münster:

Unser Team auf der Degro 2019 in Münster.